Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some of my favorite pics

When in Fiji......

Getting mail is always good

We have to walk everywhere

My new companion Elder Mckee

This is Cebo, I baptized him on Saturday.

Baptism Week

This week was way awesome. It started off with exchanges in Somosomo with Elder Albert. He is a way funny guy from Micronesia. We worked way hard and had a lot of fun. It was nice being in an area with a store. I learned a lot from him.
Monday- Played touch rugby and watched a little bit of State of Origin at Paradise restaraunt. It was way good. Also played a little billiards. I will face anyone when I get home.
Tuesday- Went out with Albert in his area. We hiked all the way up Tagimoucia road. It was way fun going out with him.
Wednesday- Went out and found a bunch of new people to teach in Somosomo. Elder Ablert kept telling me how cool I was. He is shy because he doesn't speak very much Fijian. We taught a man about the restoration and it felt like it clicked to him. It is so great to help someone learn something good that can help them.
Thursday- We had ZTM in Taveuni. The Zone Leaders traveled out here to give us some trainings. It was good but we pretty much just spent the whole day waiting for the bus and traveling back to our area.
Friday- We worked with our baptismal canidate Cebo. He is a 17 year old kid and is way cool. He already hangs out with all of the young men in our branch. He told us that he is way excited to be baptized.
Saturday- We gave this French woman a Book of Mormon and she said she was stoked to read it because she really related to Joseph Smith because she too right now is looking for the true church. It is weird teaching in English.... But it was fun to answer her questions about the Sabath day. Lot's of people here are 7th day Adven. I was also able to baptize Cebo today. As usual everyone was about 45 minutes late for the baptism. It's what people call "Fiji Time" ha doesn't really work like that in America but it's all goods. It was so good to help him. He is such an awesome person.
Sunday- We walked all the way to Navakawau for church. We got there and everyone was preparing for the feast. The king of Navakawau died so there is a lot of eating. His funeral is on Tuesday. It is so cool to learn and be apart of Fiji culture. We were even part of the ceremony where they accepted the food and we all clapped and stuff. It's way cool. Afterward we rode home in the back of a truck in the rain.
This week I felt and even deeper love for the people I am serving. I have always known that I care about the people here but this week I really felt a strong love for them. I have been in Taveuni for a long time and I have come so close to the members. I found out the reason I stayed. My branch president told our mission president to keep me in this area for as long as he could. When he told me that I felt really good. Like I am actually doing something good here and that people want me here. I know that the church is true and there is no greater happiness that I have ever felt than being here in Fiji serving the people. I wish you could all meet them because they are so loving and kind. I am so happy to be serving here. I love you all
Moce Mada.
Elder Jones
P.S. To answer some questions.
1. Yes there is 1 TV I have seen in my area. It is powered by a generator. They only watch rugby on it.
2. If I had to guess I would say only about 2,000 people live in my area but more half of those people live too far for us to even see.
3. In our area we have a branch and a unit. They both get about 30 people to church every week.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week of June !2

Bula bula, 

Transfers came and guess what, I am still on the "Garden Island"!

I am way excited because I love this area and I have got really close to the members and people here. I got a new companion. His name is Elder Mckee. He is from Washington State. I hope that we will have a lot of fun together.

Our new companions arrive.
Last week we went right to work in our area. We have a kid who is about 15 named Cebo and he asked me to baptize him. We are planning on baptizing him this Saturday. We have been having a lot of success in the village of Navakawau. We are teaching the sister of our recent convert Mika. Her name is Dite and she is way cool and way intersted. We are also teaching the family of our other recent convert Joeli. Oh and the Dad of our other recent convert Amani. It has been so cool to see all of these guys go out and share the gospel with their families. They have taught their families some of the things we taught them and it is really touching to see. Amani's dad is already to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. What a stud haha.

I love it here in Taveuni. It gets lonely sometimes and I wish I had some of the nice things that we have in America but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The people are what make it all worth it. The Fijian people have taught me more about love than anyone I have ever met. The exemplify the example Jesus Christ set when he was on the earth. For their love, I will always be grateful.

Loloma Levu,

Elder Jones

The service is what is helping the beautiful people survive and is what is opening our hearts to love.

Our crew who helped to get all the clothes organized.
The had to put like items in to like piles
Finally it started to look organized