Sunday, July 24, 2016

The big transfer week July 18th

Moce Taveuni, Cola Vina Sigatoka!
Well, transfers have come and gone and I have moved areas. I am now residing in the Sigatoka area. It is on Viti Levu and is below Nadi. Leaving Taveuni was one of the hardest moments of my mission so far. Saying goodbye the island was hard, but saying goodbye to the people was almost impossible. The members made me cake and food. And then they played the guitar and sang a lot of songs. Oh how I will miss it. I have come to love the island of Taveuni. I only had a short time to pack up, say goodbye, and leave. I took the boat to Vanua Levu, a bus to Labasa, and then a plane to Nadi Airport. On the plane I flew alone and it was really weird being alone. I have gotten so used to being with a companion.
Arriving in Nadi was like a culture shock all over again. There were white people, resorts, and lots of stores. I was way out of my comfort zone. But, I am adjusting now. My companion is Elder Johansson. He is the son of Elder Johansson (the area 70 here) and is waiting for his visa to serve in the Las Vega Nevada mission. Things have been hard recently, but I am trying my best.
I know that God answers prayers. He is all loving and cares about us. I know that the gospel doesn't only help us, but changes us to become more like Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be here in Fiji. I miss you all but I know that I am where I am supposed to be.
Elder Jones
Playing games

Word of the transfers

Saying goodbye to everyone

Getting ready to go on a very long boat ride and bus to get to my new area

Me with Brother and Sister Veermeran

Eating the delicious treats that were given to us for the boat ride

Monday, July 4, 2016

Zone Conference Week!

Ni sa bula vinaka
These past few weeks have been way good. We have been working really hard in our area and trying to get a lot done before the transfer ends. We have an investigator who's name is Dite. She is the sister of Mika who we just baptized. I hope we have her baptism before the transfer ends just in case I leave.
We went to Labasa for zone conference as well. It was a way fun time but the travel is such a pain. Just more boats and buses. I didn't drink water the whole day while traveling there and when we got there we played a ton of volleyball and rugby. I think combined with being on the boat and playing all day, it really messed up my body. I didn't feel good for the rest of the week. But I am all good now.
We had a branch party where we played volleyball and watched a movie. It was a lot of fun. When we showed up to the party I asked where the branch president was. They pointed out to the ocean and I saw a little yellow barrel out there and two heads. He was out there diving with the unit leader from Navakawau. They were getting food for the party later that night.
Another funny thing. We got stranded in Navakawau and we were forced to sleep in the tent of some members. It was way sketchy but hey, it's Fiji.
From the Zone Conference and the studies I have been doing, I have gained such a powerful testimony of the the atonement. Being a missionary is so great because it gives you a lot of time to study and think and ponder. I am trying to fine tune my life so that I can be a better missionary out here, but ultimately I want to become a good man. One is loves his family and puts God first. There are a lot of men in my life that I look up to and I want to become like them. I am trying my best to be a good person for the people here. I know God lives and he loves us.
Love Elder Jones

Looking outside of my door

President Alafi (Branch President)
Our dinner that was caught for us

What they caught

Brother Muri (Unit leader)

Branch activity with a movie that was payed on a generator 
Batiepa, a recent convert to our branch

The sunsets are beautiful

Joeli, one of my favorites here in Fiji

Jioji back from Suva, he leaves in two weeks to serve a mission in Brisbane