Sunday, November 27, 2016

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Indian barbers
November 20th - 26th

I had to cut my hair because it feels like a sauna out here right now. I literally change shirts on multiple occasions because it get soaked through of sweat, even if you are just sitting in the shade. So yeah, I just told the Indian barber to give me a 2 and that's what he did. The young girl we are teaching sat with us during sacrament meeting and asked why I cut my hair. I told her that it was too hot for long hair. She then told me that it was a bad idea and that I looked better with my other hair. I was a little but hurt for 5 minutes but then I got over it hahaha.

Not many people here have cars so the kids here love it when we drive up in the truck. Sometimes I let them feel the air conditioning and they are amazed haha. They always follow us out to the dirt road and when we leave they all yell "spit, spit, spit" then I burn out on the dirt a little and spit the rocks and they all yell and laugh ahah.
This week was actually really good. We taught lots of lessons and are seeing some good things happen. In Fiji there are a lot of less active members so we also to a lot of reactivation. Some people here live so far away from church that it is hard to go, but many of them walk long distances to go to church. They are a great example to me.

Some of our best investigators this week were in Suva. I have no idea why but they were just chilling in Suva. We are teaching this girl Meri and her mom Losalini. They want to be baptized but the dad isn't too keen. Hope he will change his mind.

We have a really good investigator named Koto. When we teach her she actually listens and I know that she has felt the spirit. She needs to be married but I don't know how easy that is going to be. 

This week we also did a lot of finding. Hopefully there is someone that we saw that will turn into a progressing investigator.

Love you all
Love Elder Jones

My new haircut.

Elder  Traill, my new companion.

Creepy doll pinned to a tree in the middle of nowhere. Take special note of the doll hands.

Looking over to Beqa island.

My little piece of paradise.

The dreaded centipede that are everywhere.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Transfer Week
November 13th - 19th

Well, it was only for a short time, but I have to say goodbye to Toga Rewa. Holy moly how I'll miss that place. The members there are top notch, the people we were teaching were top notch, and the boat rides to Vutia were top notch. Simelie, Mere, and Amelia are ready for baptism next week. I found them, taught them, helped them, went to church with them, and now I won't even be there for their baptism. I am actually way sad about it. 

Although that has been hard for me, I am now in Navua. It is a good area and I am going to try to make the best of it. From what I have seen of the members, they are all really nice. I hope that there will be some people here that I am destined to meet and help to be baptized. 

My companion's name is Elder Traill. He is from New Zealand. He is 26 years old and has been out on the mission longer than I have. We don't really have that much in common but he is nice so we will get along I think.

I know that obedience brings blessings. Jesus Christ will never forget us. We just have to do our part to reach out to Him. I urge all of you to find Him. If you think that you have already found Him, just remember that there is always more we can do.

Love Elder Jones

There are always puppies everywhere.
Goodbye to our investigator family.

The docks

Saying goodbye to my boys from Nasautoka that were staying in Toga. 

I love these kids

One of my fav. families

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ni Bula
October 30 - Nov 5th

What a good week. Things are hard sometimes but looking back, the good memories are the ones that I remember. Fiji is the place to be. I am convinced that the Fiji Suva Mission is the best mission on the planet. I have met so many cool missionaries from all different places, and the Fijian people are just the nicest people you will ever meet.

This week we worked really hard. We took out a member present with us. His name is Poula Bayameyame. He is from Nasautoka ( in my first area) but he is staying here in Toga to get all of his mission papers in. He is a really hard worker and loves missionary work.

Our best people right now are Simeli, Mere, and Amelia. They live in Vutia which is hard because we only travel there once a week. They are my favorite though. They have so much faith and they should be baptized on the 27th of this month if all goes right. 

Our other investigator is Ana. She is from Lau and she is really cool as well. She is staying with a member family and she has come to church the past 2 weeks. We are working through some things with her but hopefully she'll keep our commitments.

Transfer calls are tomorrow. I hope that I don't get transferred because I know that I can do a lot of good for the people here in this area. However, if I go somewhere else, I know that the Lord knows better than I do. 

Proverbs 3:5,6 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
Elder Jones

Just taking a break :)

So Beautiful here.