Sunday, November 20, 2016

Transfer Week
November 13th - 19th

Well, it was only for a short time, but I have to say goodbye to Toga Rewa. Holy moly how I'll miss that place. The members there are top notch, the people we were teaching were top notch, and the boat rides to Vutia were top notch. Simelie, Mere, and Amelia are ready for baptism next week. I found them, taught them, helped them, went to church with them, and now I won't even be there for their baptism. I am actually way sad about it. 

Although that has been hard for me, I am now in Navua. It is a good area and I am going to try to make the best of it. From what I have seen of the members, they are all really nice. I hope that there will be some people here that I am destined to meet and help to be baptized. 

My companion's name is Elder Traill. He is from New Zealand. He is 26 years old and has been out on the mission longer than I have. We don't really have that much in common but he is nice so we will get along I think.

I know that obedience brings blessings. Jesus Christ will never forget us. We just have to do our part to reach out to Him. I urge all of you to find Him. If you think that you have already found Him, just remember that there is always more we can do.

Love Elder Jones

There are always puppies everywhere.
Goodbye to our investigator family.

The docks

Saying goodbye to my boys from Nasautoka that were staying in Toga. 

I love these kids

One of my fav. families

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