Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 27th, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  It was a crazy week.
This week we just did a little bit of proselyting at the start of the week. On the 23rd I opened up some presents from home and was so happy about it. Everyone was gone up in the villages. They are all gone for Christmas. On Dec. 24th, we rode the bus into Korovou and then caught a ride with some other missionaries to Nausori. We stayed the night with some Elders near Nausori for Christmas eve to Christmas night. We made some good food in the flat and had a good time.
Christmas day we went to the chapel in Nausori and had a devotional with our whole zone. It was a good way to get our focus on the Savior and to remember Him. After the devotional, the senior couple in our zone gave us all chocolate bars and that was an awesome gift. Then we all just went to a local field and played touch rugby for like 4 straight hours. It was soooo much fun. Oh and I am getting pretty good if you didn't know. Almost got in a couple scraps with the Aussies. Overall, it was an awesome Christmas.
One the 26th, I got to skype home. This is for sure the highlight of the week. I miss my family so much and I love them so much. Didn't really realize it before my mission, but I now know how important family is. It was so good seeing that everyone back home is well and is taking care. Haha, I can't wait till Mother's Day when I can Skype again. 
The rest of the week was just spent chilling out and we just stayed in Nausori with some of the other missionaries because it wouldn't be worth the time or money to go all the way back up to Nasautoka.
The power went out so we were all just chilling around a candle telling stories and then I felt something on my leg and it was a giant centipede. I screamed like a girl but I heard that when they bite you, it is the worst feeling in the world.
I am grateful for Jesus Christ. I am so happy to be out here on a mission. It was way hard but I know that it the best thing I could be doing right now. Fiji is amazing and I know that things are hard but they will get better as long as I rely on the Lord.
 Playing rugby on Christmas Day.
 After playing rugby.
 Power went out on Christmas.  We created our own light.
This 6 inch centipede climbed on my leg when the power was out.  I noticed it before it bit me (the locals say it's very painful).  You can predict what happened to the centipede.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 20th, 2015


This last week was crazy because of transfers. My old companion got sent to Lami and I stayed in Nasautoka and got a new companion. His name is Elder Whitworth. He is from Draper Utah and a way funny guy. I just showed him around our area a little and we work well together.

I am very happy that this week is Christmas. What a good time to help other people, be with family, and remember our savior Jesus Christ. I am sad to not be with my family, but what a joy it is to be out here serving the Lord. My testimony has increased so much and I feel his love.

Only a couple crazy things this week. We were walking and we saw a branch that someone had thrown on top of a major power line and then we heard a lot noise. We then looked up and the stick caught on fire and then the wire broke and hit the ground. It was super sketchy. 

I was asked to speak in church again. I am always nervous to speak but when you get up there the scare goes away because you look out into the congregation and there are only like 15 people haha. I talked about when the savior came to the Americas in 3 Nephi. I know that he is our savior and that he cares for us more than we can imagine.

On the way to P day today I was thinking about what I am even doing out here. I look all around at the beautiful scenery and I thought about all that Jesus has done for us. Everything he did before his life, during his life, and after his life was for us. I though about the entire earth and how he mad it for us. He came here to die and suffer and feel our every pain. He broke the bands of death and came back to earth and blessed the people and love them. His entire existence is about love. I want to become more like him and I think the people that I have met in my life that come closest to being like the savior are those who master that one quality. Love

Have a wonderful Christmas full of love
Elder Jones

A family in my area.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13th, 2015

This week had plenty of ups and downs. We had ZTM and a ton of missionaries gave really good insights. One of the missionaries gave an insight about his car. Before the mission he gave it the darkest legal tint on the windows and he related it to us by saying that if we work all day everyday, by the time we return from our missions we should be way tan and have the darkest legal tint. I thought that was pretty funny.
We were hoping to baptize this awesome family that lives in the same village as us, but we had a fall through. We thought these people were married, but comes to find out, one of them is married but it is to another person. Ah Elder Otene and I had hoped to baptize them the next day, but it ended up not happening. We are trying to work with them and help them. We were so sad but I know it will happen one day. They have great faith and they are awesome.
It rained quite a bit this week and I was able to put my rain jacket to good use (thanks mom). Walking is actually pretty fun if you make it fun. We found out that there is this lady in the village we live in who travels all the way to town and brings home made stuff to sell in a little tiny store that is practically out of her house. She sells ice cream cones and Elder Otene and I probably ate 30 combined cones this week. Transfers are this week and it will be interesting to see who my new companion is.
Things can be hard sometimes but that's what life is all about. If life was easy, we wouldn't learn to endure and we wouldn't begin to change into the people Heavenly Father wants us to become. I am grateful to a missionary and I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. I have felt his atonement carry me and I know it can carry anyone who reaches out to him. Be happy and know that all strength comes from God.

Our next door neighbors and members. They are awesome.
Rainy walks by the river. I have my new jacket on that my mom sent me. I am set
Chilling on a bamboo raft
Chewing on some dovu (sugar cane)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 6th, 2015 - "The First Baptism"

This week was wonderful! We were able to help someone be baptism. I could not be more happy. This week was busy because we had mission tour. Elder S. Gifford Neilsen of the 70. Him and his wife were able to speak to us and brought a wonderful message. That was really fun but it took up the first half of our week. This week was also the week that I got to run the area and lead the lessons and stuff. It was difficult but a lot of fun. 

Christmas is coming up and I know that it would be fun to be with family and all but being out here is the greatest gift of all. Christ is the reason that I am out here and I hope to bring more people unto him. Hopefully soon we will help more people be baptized to feel the wonderful joy that comes through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
The fruits of our labors. Elder Otene baptized, it was an incredible experience.
Elder Ransom and me.
It really is hot.
The first McDonalds I have seen in months. I didn't even get anything to eat.
I am still in my same area trying to work hard. Everyday we walk a long ways to the other villages. It is still fun though. My English is getting pretty bad. I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. I am happy to be out here though and I know that my father in heaven is looking out for me and that Christ's atonement carries me everyday.