Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 27th, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  It was a crazy week.
This week we just did a little bit of proselyting at the start of the week. On the 23rd I opened up some presents from home and was so happy about it. Everyone was gone up in the villages. They are all gone for Christmas. On Dec. 24th, we rode the bus into Korovou and then caught a ride with some other missionaries to Nausori. We stayed the night with some Elders near Nausori for Christmas eve to Christmas night. We made some good food in the flat and had a good time.
Christmas day we went to the chapel in Nausori and had a devotional with our whole zone. It was a good way to get our focus on the Savior and to remember Him. After the devotional, the senior couple in our zone gave us all chocolate bars and that was an awesome gift. Then we all just went to a local field and played touch rugby for like 4 straight hours. It was soooo much fun. Oh and I am getting pretty good if you didn't know. Almost got in a couple scraps with the Aussies. Overall, it was an awesome Christmas.
One the 26th, I got to skype home. This is for sure the highlight of the week. I miss my family so much and I love them so much. Didn't really realize it before my mission, but I now know how important family is. It was so good seeing that everyone back home is well and is taking care. Haha, I can't wait till Mother's Day when I can Skype again. 
The rest of the week was just spent chilling out and we just stayed in Nausori with some of the other missionaries because it wouldn't be worth the time or money to go all the way back up to Nasautoka.
The power went out so we were all just chilling around a candle telling stories and then I felt something on my leg and it was a giant centipede. I screamed like a girl but I heard that when they bite you, it is the worst feeling in the world.
I am grateful for Jesus Christ. I am so happy to be out here on a mission. It was way hard but I know that it the best thing I could be doing right now. Fiji is amazing and I know that things are hard but they will get better as long as I rely on the Lord.
 Playing rugby on Christmas Day.
 After playing rugby.
 Power went out on Christmas.  We created our own light.
This 6 inch centipede climbed on my leg when the power was out.  I noticed it before it bit me (the locals say it's very painful).  You can predict what happened to the centipede.

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