Sunday, May 7, 2017

What's good fam?

These past few weeks have been really fun. I can't believe how fast time is going. I just want it to slow down so that I can enjoy my last little while in Fiji. Crazy to think that I have less than 3 months to go. Feels like just yesterday that I was entering the MTC.

My biggest miracle recently was the Cai family. They are the coolest family. They have immigrated from China because of the one child policy and they had 2 kids and they were getting in trouble for that so they decided to come to Fiji. They wouldn't have become interested in the church if it weren't for awesome members supporting them. We taught them through a translator because they know very little English. We either used their Connie or their daughter to translate. We got them a Chinese BOM and everything. They loved it and I don't speak Chinese, but they began to change and it was a miracle to see them and how the spirit worked with them.

Saturday the 29th, they were able to be baptized and yesterday they were confirmed as members of the church. Their journey has been incredible. Yesterday, Susan Cai said to be after church in her broken English that she feels peace. It gave me a great amount of joy to know that we have helped her to find peace in her life. I love them a lot.

Everything else has been status quo. Just pushing along. Eating fish and enjoying Fiji. Transfer calls are tomorrow and I think I might leave but don't know where to. I've never served in Suva City yet so maybe there. I guess we'll see. Hope all is well at home. God lives and he'll take care of us if we let him. Love you all. Stay strong. Take care.

Elder Jones

Filling up the font

Our family we were able to baptize