Friday, March 24, 2017


Isa lei!!!

It was another fantastic week in Navua. A lot of stress, but also a lot of success. My companion Elder Nabaruru is the man. He has been such a good friend to me and has even taught me to speak a little bit of the Kiribati language. His teaching is very interesting. Instead of first teaching me basic conversation words, he has taught me how to say things such as "your breath stinks" and "go take a shower"... hahahaha

But yes, we were able to help Elanoa and Seru into the waters of baptism yesterday. It was so fun to see them make this important step in their life. Seru seemed pretty nervous, but they both ended up good in the end. I love teaching people and helping people. Elanoa especially has naught me a lot. Hope I stay in contact with her after the mish.

We also found a big snake

We were doing some work on Barney's property and Elder Nabaruru and I started burning all of the weeds. We then realized that we should have burned it after because we were coughing on smoke the whole time.

We bought ice cream and ate it with Elanoa to celebrate the papitaiso.

We met 2 Jehova's Witnesses white couple who are her on their mission type thingy. They were friendly

Best breakfast- Weet Bix
Best Lunch- Chow
Best dinner- Fish

Vinaka the birthday wishes.

Till next time,

Elder Jones

Zone conference

The buried graves in the ocean in Togoru

My new companion Elder Nabaruru

Throw back to Cyclone Winston 1 year ago

Just throwing nets 
Blood sucking fish

Werewere patrol

Looking over the Amazon, beautiful