Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fiji wins gold!!!!

E dua na yabaki sa oti!!

Well, I hit my year mark this last week. It feels really weird. Time moves way slow some times during the mission, but looking back on it now it feels like it has flown by. This week was also very good because FIJI WON THE GOLD MEDAL! Hahaha we had no idea about the game, but once we left the flat and went to town, we obviously knew that they had one because everyone was freaking out. There was parades in the street and people in cars waving the Fijian flag and everyone was yelling. Man it was awesome. We were very excited for them.

This week we worked really hard though. We taught so many lessons and I felt so good. Being able to constantly feel the spirit throughout the week made it that much more rewarding. I also learned a lot about prayer. God wants us to pray. I have learned that he gives good gifts unto his children that ask. Such a simple thing as prayer can be taken to the next level when we just put effort in. I plead with you all to always pray and God will bless you. 

I also burned a shirt for the tradition as a missionary. To be honest it was just an old t shirt because actual white button shirts are too valuable to burn. We used kerosene which made it even better. I wish I was able to watch the Olympics, but nothing beats being out here in Fiji. I hope everyone has the best week.

Love Elder Jones 

The epic 1 year shirt burning. Although tradition would want a white button up burned, I stuck with a t-shirt. My dress shirts are to valuable out here.
As always, so hard to get up.

My district leader, Elder Barnaby from Boston.

My pride for Fiji, bursting out of my chest. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Skipper Cup

Cola Vina!

This week was a real full of ups and downs and everywhere in between.

Monday- The entire zone gathered in Lautoka for zone p day. We all played tons of games (mostly touch) and had a really fun time. At the end of the night we all had a talent show. My talent was the worst but I didn't care. It was so bad that I won't tell you what it was. Anyway, after that we went and ate McDonalds. This is the first time I have had McDonalds since I was in Salt Lake Airport last year. Oh man, it was nice. Then we slept at the Zone leaders flat. On the board in their flat they gave everyone superheros as our alias. I got picked as Wolverine. Pretty awesome

Tuesday- We stayed up in Lautoka for our ZTM meeting. It was really fun and there was a lot of good things shared. There was an activity where we had to make an object lesson out of a random object. We were given a calculator and I added up a bunch of sins in front of everyone and it equalled 7734. Which on the calculator is the word hell upside down. I told everyone that they would go there. But then, the C button which means clear represented Christ and he will clear our sins. It was pretty boss. One Elder in the zone said he wants to go buy a calculator just to teach one of his investigators. We headed back but our car got stuck at Toyota and they wouldn't release it to us. It was a stressful day.

Wednesday- We taught tons of lessons to make up for Tuesday. We went out and saw everyone. It was so good to teach people and see them grow. One of our investigators, Waqa, doesn't have a birth certificate or anything. He doesn't know how old he is or what his real name is. He comes to church every week so hopefully we will get it sorted out and he will soon be baptized. Margie another one of our investigators, works for a river safari thing which is way cool. I might have to hit it up when I come back. They even have a blob set up on the river. Most the members here work at resorts and stuff.

Thursday- We went out and so a lot of less actives. It is hard for people to come to church here in Fiji. Some people pay money for taxis or buses and some people just have to walk. It can be hard but they are rewarded for their faith. We then went to have dinner with our members but they just gave us a container and so we just ate it back at our flat.

Friday- It was a pretty bum day. Everyone in our area was gone watching rugby. Nadroga, the province that I serve in, played in Suva for the Skipper Cup. It is a pretty big game and they won! GO STALLIONS! HAKWA NADRO. The high school kids played a big game in Sigatoka town as well. There were a lot of drunk guys the tried to fight us. I saw one drunk guy laying on this little bridge and he rolled over into the creek. I thought was going to drown but he managed to get out after a few attempts. 

Saturday-They call it the burning west because it is always so hot over here, but it poured so this day and Friday. It was really storming. Everyone was in their houses and it was hard to see people again, but we kept on going. Sometimes when everything goes bad, it is important to just take a second and think.

Sunday- Went to church and it was really spiritual. I felt something during the sacrament that I don't think I have every felt before. As I was breaking the bread, I felt gratitude for Jesus and all he has done for me. After that, we drove up to Nadi then caught a 4 hour bus to Suva in preparation for Elder Johansson to get his visa interview at the embassy. It was a really long ride.

Monday- I sat in the LTA for like 4 hours. The LTA is the DMV for Fiji, but it is way worse. I sat in there so the Suva North ZL could take his driving test. It took forever.... I did get to watch USA womans rugby and some weight lifting though which was cool. After that, I went back and they put me on a bus back to Nadi. Another 4 more hours and more waiting and I got back to the Nadi Elders flat around 8 pm. I guess you could say I learned a lot of patience.

I know the church is true. Never stop strengthening your testimony in Jesus Christ. If your testimony is not going forward, it is going back.

Love Elder Jones
My new flat 
This is a good map of my mission

Elder Johannson, his dad is an area 70

Controlled fires, don't worry