Sunday, January 29, 2017

We lost..................


To start of with the bad news.... Fiji lost to South Africa in the finals at the Wellington 7s.... But other than that, this week was reallly good. 

This week, I stayed in Lami for a bit doing some baptismal interviews. Man, I was able to interview this sweet woman and it was just really special. It's so awesome to see the people that have been prepared by the Lord to enter into the waters of baptism. She was baptized last Saturday and the Lami Elders told me that it was just a really sweet day.

There were lots and lots of fall throughs... Just how it goes out here. We were invited to eat lunch in Deuba at this ladies 90th birthday party. Man the food was so good. We also met some girl that stays in Tacirua. She served her mission in Canada. She has been staying in the US for a bit and she has a funny accent. She was way fun to talk to. Sister Fisher...

But mostly, we are still working with Josavini, Koto, and Seru.... They are all good, but most of them just need to come to church. We told Koto that we'd pick her up for church, but when I went to her house and the kids opened up the door I could see that she was hiding under her blanket so I just dipped hahah.

But things are really good out here. Today I read the story about Ammon and his beautiful sword skills. He is a great example of a servant of the Lord.

Anywho, Love you all..

Also, US politics has even got Fijians raving. Most Fijians don't like him but some do. I heard that he took down all the gay rights stuff off the website and that he called Hillary a nasty woman.

My new gear
Elder Naivalu waqa

Elder Traill

First counselor in the bishopric hung this on his house, even though Christmas is long gone. 

My flat, we live on the bottom level

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