Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27th, 2015

Finally got to Fiji. We flew in early Wednesday morning and got on a bus that took us all the way to Suva. It was a long drive, but we made it. When we got to Suva we were greeted by the Mission President and a lot of missionaries. We went back to the mission home and started doing some orientation. That night we went out with some missionaries in Suva. We went to a member's home for dinner and had a traditional Fijian meal. We sat on the ground cross legged and ate off of a long narrow cloth that was on the ground. Once we got outside of their house, I saw a toad so I went and picked it up. After I was holding it for a bit, the members yelled at me telling me it was poisonous. As we were driving back to the flat that I would be staying at for the night, my hand started to tingle and I could tell it was swelling. I went back to flat to wash my hands and take some medicine and it was fine. The next day we had some more orientation and we were able to go shopping for Sulus (man skirt)! We then all came back opened up our calls to our assigned areas. I got called to Burewai with Elder Otene as my trainer. That night I hopped in a truck and drove up to meet him at our flat. He is really cool but pretty young to be a trainer. I am excited to have him though. In our area we visit a few villages that only have a few hundred people in them. This last week we visited Nasautoka and Nayavu. I love these little villages. Each of the villages has a leader and he is very respected. I got to meet a lot of awesome people and teach a lot of lessons. Everything I have done has been sitting cross legged on the ground. I am not very flexible so after a few minutes it can get pretty painful. I just try to endure. Sunday we went to church at one of the units way up in the mountains. There was only 15 people there for sacrament meeting and we all just sat on the ground in someone’s house for that. After that, one of the missionaries baptized a 9 year old boy in the river which was very exciting. The language is hard but I am trying my hardest. I can't pick up on much yet but hopefully it will improve. I am trying my best to stay positive. There are 4 different flats that we have in our area that we can stay at. It's not uncommon to see a cockroach or a lizard in our flat. It's a little unusual when I look in the shower and there isn't a lizard. I am really excited for the future and I hope that I can make it through training. 
Elder Jones
My area (Nasautoka)! With my trainer Elder Otene.
 My feet from the mud that we walk through.
 Raining in Fiji.
Look out!
With President and Sister Layton.

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