Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 11th, 2015

Crazy week in the bush. Burewai is such an awesome area and I'm glad that I was assigned to be here for my fist area. At the start of the week we had beach p-day and everyone went to the beach to play. The beach we were on was way long and we had it all to ourselves. We played touch rugby and I got a try. Pretty tight. This week was my trainer's 6 month mark so we had a bonfire and he burnt a tie. He is a great trainer. We've been teaching a lot of lessons and we have a family with a baptismal date but they didn't go to church. That is way frustrating. The language is actually coming pretty well. I can't speak it very well or fast but I can understand a lot of what I hear which is really good.
Also this week, I found a random coconut and decided to go try to cut it open with the sele back at our flat. It was way hard but I managed to get it open and had a good refreshing drink and then at some coconut. We also got the opportunity to watch conference. It was way good. We drove into the city to watch it at the stake center. Not very much has happened since last week. I still have to hike into the jungle once a week to get to the chapel where we sleep. We burnt a mosquito coil this time so we didn't get eaten alive. 

Au sa gandreva lesu tale oqo. Au lomani kemuni kece. Au kila ni dina na lotu. Au masu na Kalou sa vukei kemuni ka taqomaki kemuni. MOCE

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