Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 25th, 2015

This week was very fun. Spent a lot of time running around our area. Slept in the different chapels 3 of the nights and slept in the Korovo elder's flat too. There is a secret back road in our area that goes up high into the mountains that we took and I got to see some way cool views. When we were up there we got to see all the different reefs we usually can't see from the village we go to. This week we got FED!!! So many meals that I almost threw up. The members are so nice here. Usually we don't get fed because we're never around late at night and in the morn, but since we slept at the chapel, the members in village kept feeding us dinners and breakfast! So good. I love Fijian food a lot now. Well, most of it. Lots of tea still. Lemon leaf tea is all I have tried and that is about all they drink here. It is just boiled water with a leaf from one of the fruit trees that they get near by and stick in in your cup. Then they hand you sugar and I usually get 5 scoops of that and it tastes really good. It's just weird though that it is like blistering hot outside and they still serve you tea. Way weird. 
Since there are a ton of mosquitos we burn mosquito coils to keep them away. This week when sleeping in the chapel we lit some on a cardboard box. When we woke up, we found the chapel floor burnt pretty bad.. Hahah yeah we're idiots. Just same old stuff here. Hiking through the jungle, teaching and stuff. Our investigators still aren't coming to church because it is a long walk for them. We did service for one of our investigators named Turaga, and he put us to work on his farm. He gave us a knife and a shovel and he just watched us pretty much till his whole garden. Fijians are crazy... I got a pretty bad blister but, it's whatever. I am happy though, lots of adventures and cool stuff I get to see. Everyone here is so poor though and they always ask us for money, but we can't give it to them. 
Elda Jones

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