Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1st, 2015

Another week in beautiful Fiji. I am so happy to be here. This truly is the best mission in the entire world. Halloween didn't feel like Halloween. No one celebrates it here. Well, not in the villages at least. We had a tiny plastic pumpkin that let up. We put it in the truck and it looked really cool at night. I did see one man with a wig on. Not sure if he was celebrating Halloween or if he was just a qauri.  
This week I was able to go on exchanges with another Elder from my intake. We both don't know that much Fijian and I basically had to run our area for 2 full days. It was very frustrating not knowing who to see or where to go. Everyone in the villages were either farming, or the kids were in school. I was getting very frustrated. I felt unqualified for this great task, which was before me. But, like always, I made it through. Later that night, Elder Howard and I took a long hike into the mountains to go see one family. I was feeling homesick and frankly didn't want anything to do with the Elder I was with. The hike into the mountains made me feel a little better because it reminded me of hiking back home. Once we got to the house, I decided it would be better just to have a happy attitude instead of being so selfish and sad. As we started teaching, my Fijian was better than I think it ever has been. I felt the spirit so strong and my entire day was changed. The Lord wanted me to be happy. All I had to do was change my attitude. Attitude is everything. And when we decide to be happy, we will be. There is no greater joy than serving in the Lords vineyard. I love my life right now. Always remember. Your situation may not change, but when we decide to be happy and rely on the Lord, we can feel peace.
 Beach Boys
 East Coast
 On top of the ocean.
All the kids playing at Stake Conference.

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