Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15th, 2015

What a different week. This was our first full week in our new flat living inside the village. It is a different experience but one that is also very cool. People in the village keep asking to come inside our flat so we can all chat and eat and stuff but we keep telling them that it is forbidden. Fijians really are a peculiar people. I love them all though. They are very laid back and are hard workers. After losing the truck and being forced to walk in the hot sun all day, I think I am beginning to look more like a Fijian as well. Shredded calves and dark skin.
I am getting more adjusted to our cold showers. Still have to pump myself up to go take a shower though. Everyone in the village is welcoming to our coming. I am grateful to be in the area that I am in. I feel that it is teaching me to be strong even when things are rough.
Last week we were in a lesson with some of our investigators. One of our investigators is named Serema. She is sooo awesome. We went through a lesson with her and her family about the Word of Wisdom. She accepted it right away and at the end of the lesson, we asked if they had anymore questions. She said she did and when we asked what it was, she said, "I have been reading this book and I have a question about some of the scriptures listed in here." She pulled out a Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson book. Elder Otene and I looked at each other like what???? We don't even know how she got that book and we were so happy how interested she is in the church and how happy it makes her. Sheesh I haven't even read that book.
We walked for over an hour to get to church. I got a lot of blisters on my feet that hurt pretty bad, so when we walked back, I just went barefoot for most of the way. That was also very painful. Life is a lot better when you laugh at the things that happen to you instead of getting mad. Like last night, we didn't get any sleep because our flat is like rat nation or something. Every 5 minutes we would here a rat in the sink or in the garbage or running under our beds. They are big too. I'm talking 6 lbs. and probably a foot head to tail. I think we are getting some traps today or maybe this week I'll just chase them down with the sele (knife). 
Things are awesome here. Everything is beautiful and I am grateful for all the God has given me. 
 The old district.

Walking at night.

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