Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 29th, 2015

This week was a wonderful week. I was able to go on exchanges twice, which was really fun. Both people I went on exchanges with were just as young or younger than me in the mission but it was still a good time. I love the Fijian people as well. They do a lot of weird things that I still don't yet understand but it is always just fun to watch them.
This last Monday we decided not to go to Nausori and just to go to Korovou instead. After emails we went to the local school field and played rugby. It started to rain so hard but we went out and played anyway. The whole field was just a mud pit and everyone was slipping everywhere. It was so funny and so much fun. We all went bare foot and one of the Elders in my district split his foot open pretty bad. It put a damper on the day a little. I went on exchanges with Elder Bulisovasova. He is younger than me in the mission but he is a Fijian so he is already 30000000 X better at the language than me. It was a way fun time. I then went on exchanges with Elder Howard from by intake. It was pretty good.   
On exchanges with Elder Bulisovasova.
Jungle hiking, the one in the long sleeve is a member not an elder.  That is reason for the long sleeves.
Haha, thug life.
Another one bites the dust. In the middle is corn beef and noodles. This one is small though.

At the internet cafe where technology is meh, ok.

We were planning for a baptism this week with our investigator who just got married but she didn't pass her interview... I was so sad that she didn't pass but hopefully she will be ready soon. We have some good hope for the future in the area and I hope soon we will start to see the rewards from our hard work here. Weird story, we were walking home back to our flat the next village over and this man stopped us. He spoke English, which was sort of weird because where we are everyone just speaks Fijian. He seemed like he was on some sort of drug. He kept telling me that he worked for Obama in the white house and that he was like a secret agent or something. Hahaha he continued to tell us that he was the one flying the airplane to put the satellites in space and that there are people watching us. He also told us how there are ropes that fall down to earth that allow us to climb up to the satellites. About the Fijians that we serve. Some of the villages have electricity and some of them don't. The one we are staying at has electricity. People don't really have furniture like tables or chairs. Just sometimes beds. Everything else is done on the floor. Most of them will by a small TV before they will buy a fridge haha. I don't get that. We just go to town to email in internet cafes. The computers are pretty good. They are about as far behind as Fiji's taste in music. 2006. But all is well here. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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