Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31st, 2016

Sweet, Sweet Akosita.
Making pancakes mom sent me.
Hanging out with the kids after church.
Me and elder Whitworth.
Chillin on a ride home.
Monday: P Day, and we all went to the chapel and played touch rugby. It was fun. I scored heaps

Tuesday: We brought all of our clothes into Korovou to wash it at the other Elders Flat. So we had to bus it all back up along with our groceries and some weights we got. It was a struggle. Also we went to the field to burn our trash and a pig kept coming to get into the trash so I tried to scare it away and it charged me but I got away fast enough. We got some kids in the village to scare it off for us.

Wednesday: We went to teach Akosita, one of our investegators, and she asked me to baptize her. I was a bit shocked but I was so happy. I felt her love for me and her excitement to be baptized.

Thursday: We taught a girl about the Plan of Salvation and it was amazing. She kept telling us how interesting it was and I could see a light go off in her. Things made so much more sense. I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation which puts things into perspective.

Friday: Elder Whitworth and I cooked up some mean pancakes. 

Saturday: Akosita passed her baptisimal interview. We had 4 other Elders stay up at our flat in the village. There was some contention going on up there a little firey but it ended up all good.

Sunday: I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize Akosita. She is wonderful and she started crying because she was so happy to be baptized. I have a testimony of this gospel and I know that it blesses lives.

Love Elder Jones

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