Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28th, 2016

Another week goes by without hearing From my son

Here is what I know through his senior couples blog. Riley is serving the wonderful saints of Taveuni. It was hit hard and damaged a lot, but not their spirits. Riley is in a spot to do some amazing things to help the people of Fiji. The dock has been destroyed and so the initial food stash they brought is now almost gone. The senior couple stated that they hoped it gets fixed quickly. They are now starting to help with the relief efforts. I am not sure what that includes but I am so glad that he is surrounded by such loving people. Am I worried, heavens yes, am I a little scared for what is to come, yes. Do I have enough faith to see this out? We shall see, I have often times thought of myself as not very strong, but I have gotten this far right? Any way, keep the prayers coming for all involved. Love you all.

Water detail

Working very hard to replace water which is in high demand right now

This is Rileys partner in crime right now, Elder Dunn
The food is starting to run out, I just can't imagine

This is the churches water tank, it was one of the tanks that could be repaired.

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