Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2nd, 2016

March 2nd and still no word from Ri

Here is what I can gather from the senior couples blog. I will try and interpret the best I can. It looks like they repaired the dock so that the jetty can get the much needed supplies to the island which was one of the worst hit. He has spent day in and day out, sun up to sun down doing service which has been anything from delivering supplies, repairing water sources, delivering water which is in much need. They have been in a water drought for over a year. This did not help. Through all of this one thing is evident, the people of Fiji are still smiling. They didn't wast anytime cleaning up or helping each other. They share what little they have with everyone and still mange to be happy. They are so very grateful for the church and how quickly they have come to their aide. I am so very thankful for my son and his efforts to help on every level.  I love him and the day I finally get to talk to him will be one that will go down in the books. 

Look at my son, and Elder Dunn I am so proud.
They have worked so hard to help the loving people of Fiji.
Bags being put together to be delivered.
104 people living in this house right now. There weren't very many houses left standing.
The clean-up crew

The damage is unbelievable.
Day in and day out trying to get food, water to the people.

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