Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 14th, 2016

Back to Suva for the cultural celebration it will take me 10 hours by boat but it will be worth it

Time to entertain
Elder Dunn getting checked out, the doctor told me I might need reading glasses some day. Hahahaha.
This is the famous bike. We rode them and they were broke so we gave them away.
Me and Elder Dunn filling out papers for the doctor to look. 

This week has been awesome!!! Elder Dunn has been sick all week but it hasn't been too bad. His coughing has only kept me up a little. Things get rough sometimes, but I just try to keep my head up.
We are heading to Suva this week and I just checked who is hosting us and the people hosting us in the Lami area. That is Elder Otene, my trainer, and Elder Grey, one of my favorite Elders from my intake. I am so excited. We are catching a small ferry from Tav. to Vanua Levu and then from Vanua Levu to Viti Levu. I am so excited. Hope I don't get sea sick on the 10 hour boat ride to the main island. It gets to the dock at 3 a.m. I am sure I will be tired. Hahaha

This week was full of crazy stuff. We tried riding the bikes again but they were broke and we didn't want to ride them back so we just gave them away. Bathing in the ocean is good but sometimes we are sick of it so we bathe under a little pipe that is from rain water that is in some lodge near our flat. We have power only for a few hours a day I already told you that, but the main part about that is it just gets so blazing hot and we don't have a fridge which sucks too. I miss cold water to drink.
We actually caught a few rides from some trucks passing on the dirt road. One guy stopped for us and we started booking it to his truck and when we got there Elder Dunn jumped in the bed of his truck. When I put my foot on the tire to get in, he started driving. I landed on the edge and almost fell off but instead I just face planted into the back of the truck.
We helped out with the eye doctor thing at the school and got some referrals. He checked my eyes and apparently I am a little far sighted. He said I'll probably need reading glasses when I am 35 or so haha I guess we'll see.
Yesterday we caught a rat. We cornered him then he charged me and I trapped him with a bucket. I felt like a champ.
Every night when we walk back from our flat, it feel like I am walking through a cotton candy machine. There are so many spider webs. I guess that is what you get when you walk through the jungle. Also, I think this might be the only place where I have been more annoyed with the flies than the mosquitos. As we walk, Hundreds just land on your back and on your head. God knew I needed to learn patience and this is a really good way.
This area is really challenging mentally. I know that it is hard but I know that God is shaping me into the person he needs me to become. The hard times shape us into better people. No matter what you are going through, just hold on and God will bless you.
Elder Jones over and out......
Kua ni rere. Vakabauta ga.

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