Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 29th, 2016

Tou lako, Turaga, luitaki au ki na bula tawamudu

Bula everyone! Things are still good here in the island of Taveuni. This week was really good. Elder Howard and I did a lot of work and found a lot of success. The Lord has definitely prepared a lot of people to hear the gospel.

We were in Navakawau this week. The sister of Amani (my recent convert) told us that she would be baptized. Joeli, the kid I baptized last week, has a family that is being prepared. We were sitting with a group of kids in the village around the age of 14. We asked each of them which church they were. Most of the said Catholic but Joeli's siblings said they were LDS. I was very surprised and I am excited for them. Also Mika, our other recent convert has been very strong with his testimony. His mom told us that their family was having black tea and he told them no. He taught them a little bit about all that we taught him. His sister wants to take the lessons now. There is so much good going on right now.

We also so some of the crew from stranded that is being filmed here. Let me know if the show is any good.

The Lord is preparing many people to hear the word of God. A lot of Fijian people believe that the cyclone was a sign from God that they were disobedient. A lot of hearts are being softened. It is amazing to be part of this great work.

Whenever I come to town I get a Coke now. I think it must be in the genes or something because lots of my relatives also enjoy the smoothe taste haha. I just mostly drink it though because the water isn't the best. It is a lot safer to drink Coke. I hope all is well at home. Never feel alone because the Lord has our back and will be there if we open the door.

Love Elder Jones

 Stranded drone thing that is worth 6 of my old car.

Maybe one of the contestants from Survivor.

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