Sunday, October 16, 2016

All moved
Back to the EAST.

I got transferred to Toga.. No not Tonga like Other Side of Heaven and John Groberg but I got transferred to Toga Rewa in Fiji. It is a pretty sweet area I'm not going to lie.. 

It was sad to say goodbye to all of the fun people I met in Sigatoka. We were really close to a few baptisms there so I am really sad to leave. I hope that E. Ruwhiu keeps the work going over there.

The last Elder that was in this area before me didn't really do much so it sort of feels like a white wash hahah. They didn't have a single investigator for us to work with.. It's all good though. We just have done a lot of finding. We have met some people that seem really interested. This one girl named Ana from Lau told us that she read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it and felt that it was true. I was way excited for her. She still isn't sure about baptism but I hope we can help her to get there.

One of the fun things about this area is that we are able to take a boat ride once a week out to a unit. It is kinda like it's own island. It is super close to Viti Levu but it is still like a 40 minute boat ride for us to get there. It has been lots of fun.

My new companion is Elder Hamon from Australia. He reminds me a lot of my cousin Devon. He loves to skateboard and he entered a lot of competitions. He worked as a butcher for the past few years. He is always sharpening the knives in the flat hahaha. 

I know that working hard isn't always the easiest thing, but it is way worth the rewards. It's funny because when we just work hard, time flies and things seem easier. I love the gospel and my testimony is a lot stronger now that I have been out here and sharing the gospel. Being a member of the church back home was easy. But being a missionary really puts your testimony to the test. I know that God lives and loves us and answers our prayers.

Love Elder Jones

Chillin in Vuita.

Our small church out in the boonies.

Long walks to get anywhere.

Boat ride to Vutia
My new companion Elder Hamon

Drinking Coconuts by the river

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