Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 16th - 21st

This week was way good. It was full of ups and down and everything in between.
My bike has been broken. The pedal fell off. But this week I found this old little rusty bike in some dump pile and stole a nut from it and now my back is back to working.
We did a lot of finding this week. Our investigator pool is decent but  the only problem we are having with our investigators is getting them to church. They keep promising us that they will go and then they don't show. It is soooo frustrating. But I am trying to stay positive.
Some of our investigators include
Ana- 20 year old girl from the islands of Lau. She is living with a member family and is currently reading the Book of Mormon. She is way funny and likes the Book of Mormon but doesn't feel like she's got an answer yet.
Simeli and Fam- 50 year old Methodist guy who loves to hear our message. He lives in Vutia which is a 30 minute boat ride away. He is interested in Family History and actually went to church yesterday with his family. Yipeee
Vasiti and Pinto- Old couple that have investigated the church for a long time. They need to be married but want to be baptized.
Some days when it is time to leave the flat, I look at the rain and just laugh and then go out and right my bike in the tropical storm. It's fun when you make it fun.
I also was able to try some new food this week. I ate manta ray and puffer fish. I love sea food.
Love Elder Jones

Party at the church

Elder Vitiarai, our zone leader. He is super funny.

Kids are out

Waking up from a Sunday nap

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