Sunday, October 23, 2016

Happy Halloween.....
October 23rd - 29th

Actually Happy Diwali.

As many probably already know, there are lots of Indians here in Fiji and we have quite a bit in our area. Yesterday was Diwali and it was fun going to peoples houses to eat Indian sweets and to watch all of the fireworks from out house. :)

On Monday we played Rugby and Soccer. I cans still do my little rainbow trick which is cool. I am also the juggling master. I think that hackey sack taught me alot. The rest of the week was pretty average. We weren't able to take the boat out to Vutia because we didn't get enough money to go this week. It is a real bummer because our best investigator family lives out there. Hopefully this week we will see them and get them ready to be baptized. It is so fun to see people grow in their faith. I have learned how to wash dishes like a pro now as well. We have like no water at our flat so I have to walk and go fill up a bucket from a tap and then carry it back to the house. It works but it is a pain.

The work is going well and I am keeping my spirits up. I am starting to talk like a child kind of because some of the Indians we teach only speak very limited English and we don't speak Hindi so we just have to talk like we are babies and then they understand. We say stuff like "We go byebye" and "where you go today" hahah but it is fun.

The biggest problem with most of our investigators is church attendance and have to get married. Some of them also need to get divorced and then married,... They don't have the money to do it so it is hard. 

The church blesses lives. Keep on doing what you are supposed to and you will see the fruits of living the gospel.

Love Elder Jones

Atesh and I.

Fijian dude with red skins cap.

Dinner with Sister Temo.

Fijian kids are crazzzzzy

Gunu ti with the homies

Diwali fun

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