Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pictures from the week of 

A list from top to bottom of my companions

Elder Levasa (Queensland, Australia) - MTC
Elder Otene (Brisbane, Australia) - Burewai
Elder Whitworth (Draper, UT) - Nasautoka which was half of Burewai area
Elder Dunn (Las Vegas, NV) - Vuna
Elder Howard (Los Alamitos, California)- Vuna
Elder Mckee (Washington State) - Vuna
Elder Johansson (Auckland, NZ) - Sigatoka
Elder Ruwhiu (Auckland, NZ) - Sigatoka

Random horse on the beach.
Party at one of our members.

Fred, the village pet, it is not a pig, it is a dog with very bad mange.

The Aussies facing the Nadroga team. Pretty sure the Aussies won because they are good at Rugby.

I totally stole this picture, take special note of my fanny pack. I wear it everywhere.

I was able to get them to strike a pose.


With Elder Naivaluwaqa and Elder Whiting.

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