Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Holidays...with a big sting ray to eat

My Fijian Christmas was well spent. We had lovo with lots of different members where was just ate fish and things of that sort. It is my last Fijian Christmas on my mission and I am sure going to miss it. People here aren't huge on gifts but they always make a nice meal. I mean nice. My taste buds are now in Fijian mode.

Skyping home was really fun. I think that it made me a little trunky but that's just part of the mission life. Everyone has been so kind to us in Navua. I love this area but I think that we are going to get whitewashed because Elder Fa'amoe tells me that he is going to finish his mission here and I believe it. But I am loving the members and the people we teach. 

Some of the YSA in the ward have recently come back from missions from the Philippines and they try to debate that their missions are the best but I always defend FSM. Elder Traill and I have been jogging a little this past week. He is going to try out for the All Blacks when he gets home and I am going to try to walk on at the Portland Trailblazers. Try to give my boy Damian some open looks. I have also try to change my diet, but ya know, I gotta sweet tooth and when it starts crying, I gotta give it what it wants.

What else is new? Not much really. Our new Mission President and his wife just got announced. It will be President and Sister Higgins from New Zealand. I will have them for just like a month at the end and then I will leave. Kinda weird to think that things just keep on going. 

Some members have been telling us about some crazy black magic stuff. I'm scared like a little girl. And later that night I woke up to adjust the fan and Elder Traill grabbed me from behind and scared me. I about gave him smack. But then I cooled down. I hate the heat. My bed sheets be soaking wet. Also just realized that it was my destiny to serve here because my birth mark is shaped like the Fiji Islands. What a beautiful world.

This new years has really made me reflect on my mission and to look to the future on what I want to become and the things I want to accomplish. I have been reading more in the Book of Mormon and it really does bring peace to my soul. It's never been a crazy feeling or a vision or a dreamed a dream type thing but I always feel a gentle peace when I read that book. That's how I know it's true. I encourage all of you back home to read it daily. I encourage all of you back home to read it daily. Yeah, I didn't stutter, I just wanted to emphasize lol. But nah it really is the best thing to make you go from gloomy to happy.

Love you all. enjoy the pics. remember all of the traffic safety rules in these cold conditions.

Kalougata tiko na wekaqu

Our Zone, with President and sister Layton.

This was a sting ray that we had for dinner one night, it was amazing.

Fiji Temple.

Not our bathroom

Church offices

My mom sent me the 12 days of Christmas and this was the first one I opened.

Lots of flooding right now.

Elder Traill in the rear view camera on the truck.

Our new truck.

Feeling very happy.


Bad day for a tour.

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