Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24th, 2016

Bula Vina'a Everyone

This week has been fun. It was transfer calls and although it was sad to say goodbye to half of our district, we also got to meet some new people in our district. When we got the transfer calls, everyone was shocked to hear that Somosomo was getting white washed. Our new district is really fun though. I think it will be a really good transfer.

Monday: We were in our area for a regular proselyting day. Our district leader changed it. One of our members from Navakawau received his mission call. We watched him open it and he is going to Brisbane Australia. It reminds me of when I opened mine up almost a year ago and that was when I knew Fiji would have such a big place in my heart.

Tuesday: This was our P-day. We emailed, played games, and hung out with the district. When transfer calls came we were all so happy and sad. We had a dinner together provided by Sister Vermeeren. Our district leader Elder Vitiarai gave such a powerful testimony that I will always remember. He is a convert and he is fijian. He is such a good man.

Wednesday: I went out and said goodbye to all the members with Elder Amisone. We had to stay because we thought we would have to stay with Elder Vitiarai in Somosomo until the new Elders arrived.

Thursday: We said goodbye to all of the missionaries who were leaving. When they got on the boat we gave them a  "Hoorah for Istrael" shout from the Other Side of Heaven. We do it every time people leave the island. Elder Howard and I tried to get back to our area but the bus wasn't going down because the rain had washed away a lot of the road. All we could do was wait it out in the Somosomo flat listening to church music and watching church films haha. I think I have seen Meet the Mormons a thousand times.

Friday: We went up to the bus station again and they said no bus again. We were pretty frustrated. The Vermeerans found some spare time in their schedule and gave us a ride. We went out to teach and had dinner with the Alafi family.

Saturday: We caught a bus to Navakawau village luckily because Elder Howard has holes in his crocs. I am pretty close on mine too. We got there and there was a funeral. Lots of food and drinking kava. We were able to teach a man though who had read the pamphlet we gave him and he seemed very interested. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he promised he would read. He then gave us some water to drink. There was so many floaties in it that I could barely see the bottom of the bowl. But, we always have to be respectful so I just chugged the thing haha. We caught a ride back in the back of a truck of some guy who was at the funeral. Way happy.

Sunday: We woke up and walked to church. There wasn't very many people there but I was happy to talk in church just like always. I am trying so hard to help the people here but a lot of them are lazy and unmotivated so it can be hard. We taught a lady who has been coming back to church and helped here become a returning member. We also taught another investigator who committed to read the Book of Mormon. I love teaching about Joseph Smith because I  feel the spirit so strong. I love everyone here. They are awesome people and I love them to death. This is part of the reason why I was so happy to stay here in Taveuni.

know that this gospel blesses lives. It strengthens families and brings hope. Don't get me wrong, missionary work is very hard, but it is so rewarding to know you helped people change.

Stay sweet. Moce Mada.
Elder Jones
Boat ride to Vanua Levu.
The kids from Navakawau Village.
My baby horse.
Walking to church.
Coconut groves for dayz!
The boat we rode from Taveuni to Labasa when there was a cyclone warning.  It was sketchy.
 Setting up tents for people who lost their house in the cyclone.
Kids with the glow stick my mom sent me.

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