Monday, September 5, 2016

Moms Fiz surprise

Riley has not had the time to blog, so I thought I would share my thoughts as his mother. Riley is an incredible son and an even better missionary. He cares so much for the people of Fiji and loves the Lord very much. He works so hard every day and even if conditions are not the best he pushes forward with love and faith. He knows he has made a commitment to the Lord for two years and is serving with all his might, mind and soul. As I was reflecting on his time in Fiji, a message popped up on my phone. I saw this picture with Riley's name on it. It was a picture he drew and hung up on the wall in FIZ. It reminded me that time goes by fast and that the world keeps revolving and moving forward. He drew that picture before he left and now he has been gone for over a year. Anyway, just remember, always do what is right and you will be blessed. 

A special picture sent from one of my missionary mammas. They had just stopped by Fiz and they saw this on the wall. She sent it to me and made my day.

Studying with the boys, beds moved out of the way for room.

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  1. Hi elder jones. Don't know if you remember me but I'm Eleanor Berze. We met when Bryce my 13 year old son, was admitted to sigatoka hospital and you and your companion came and gave him a blessing when we were visiting from Sydney Australia for his rugby union team Fiji tour.

    What you both don't know is that the nurse in Australia from my insurance company and the doctor were talking about getting Bryce air lifted to a beter hospital or back to Australia as he had a major concussion and thought he had blood on his brain. He wasn't looking good coming in and out of consciousness, couldn't feel his fingers or toes. You both came in, gave him a blessing, which he has no recollection of, and within a few hours was feeling better like nothing had happened. The staff thought it a miracle, or that he was as strong as an Ox but I knew it was the power of the priesthood.

    Thanks for coming to the hospital, buying me something to eat and drink whilst I was silently panicking and praying every chance I got. It was wonderful to be reminded that the gospel is the same in Fiji, Australia and the world. We were truest blessed and I know you both are too.